The paint on the exterior of your home doesn’t often age well, like fine wine. This would be fine if it were just for aesthetic reasons, but cracked paint and other problematic symptoms are often a sign that there might be something that needs repairing underneath.  It is likely that external factors brought upon by changes in the environment have weathered the paint in the exterior of your home. Here are seven things you need to watch out for. 


Loss of Vibrance

Sunlight exposure tends to lead to the fading of surfaces, especially if it is constantly exposed to sunlight. The loss of vibrance in the sheen of your exterior’s paint can be symptomatic of something larger at hand. Not to mention that fading paint gives a home an unappealing aged feel that takes away from its appeal. 


Damaged Surfaces

One of the key things that you need to watch out for are cracks, peels, or chips of paint. This is especially dangerous because paint, apart from making your home look good, also protects the inner foundations of your home. It could lead to slow deterioration over time, such as rotting, moulding, or blighting.


Cracked Joints

Paint is often used to protect caulk, which is used to glue surfaces together. This makes sure that there are no tiny gaps that are left to the elements and other external factors. When paint is weathered, caulk becomes exposed, which threatens the integrity and safety of your home’s trimming. Caulk also keeps out water and pests, which can destroy the foundation of your home. Ensuring that they are protected by paint helps protect the rest of your home too.


Visible Gaps

If you notice any gaps in your home’s walls due to shrinkage or any damage, then this can cause more damage to your home. This is usually caused by moisture. Regular maintenance of paint can help prevent the shrinkage and rot of wood between your walls. Depending on the material of your wall, a professional can make a proper assessment before making an expert recommendation.


Too Much Time Has Passed

Engaging a professional can help you assess when you need your exteriors to be repainted. Exteriors can need repainting between 3 to 7 years, depending on the surface. This is also highly dependent on the quality of the paint job done by the prior workers. One must never let a shoddy paint job risk the safety or the aesthetics of your home.


Loss of Aesthetic Appeal

It’s completely normal to feel tired of the way your exteriors look if you’ve been living in your home for a long time. Especially because it accumulates dust, markings, and soot over time. Getting a fresh look and feel is a perfectly valid reason to undergo an exterior paint refresh project. 


You’re Planning on Selling Your Home

To make sure the competitiveness of your property on the market make sure your house is properly painted in and out. Repainting your home can also mean that you can update your home to make sure that it remains appealing to the market, old or new. A professional assessment can help you decide if the cost of a paint refresh has a good return on your investment.



We hope this article proves to be useful when it comes to helping you determine the best time to repaint your home. Be sure to be on the lookout for these signs so that you can address any and all issues that your home’s paint job may have. 

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