Choosing paint colours for the rooms in your house is a great way to explore your creativity. Starting with the colours you like is the simplest approach to determine the greatest interior paint colours, and you can pick your favourite as the base colour. There are still many techniques you can try, though, and you will have a good time as you come up with different mixtures for your home. 

Below are some methods that can help you come up with the most suitable paint colours. Whether you choose to DIY or work with professional painters, one of these methods can spark the brightest ideas. Have fun!


Look for Colour Inspirations

Magazines and catalogues have long served as a source of decorating ideas, but the internet is everyone’s go-to place for ideas nowadays.  You can get inspiration from retailer websites with room vignettes, and colour inspiration is updated in real-time on social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. There are even paint business websites that can teach you how to apply palette combinations in your house!


Try Creating a Colour Scheme

You may learn the principles of colour theory and observe how colours relate to each other using a simple spin of the wheel. Although factors like paint unavailability can hinder your from getting the exact colours on the wheel, you still have the next best thing. Ask your local paint store to give you the hues closest to your original colours.

On the other hand, there’s no need to be a colour theory expert to get fantastic inspiration from a colour wheel. These low-cost colour tools online can instantly produce personalised palettes. 


Find Ideas Outside of Your Four Walls

Go out! Explore! Bringing the outside in is a common colour scheme influence. Exterior-inspired colour palettes are designed to be calm and pleasant, whether you choose green forests or the laid-back blues of the ocean. Note that you’ll need to know the dos and don’ts of decorating with green if you’re going to use your landscape as inspiration.


Do You Have Sentimental Attachments to the Room? Convey that Feeling through Your Paint Colours!

Paint professionals have a fascination with colour psychology. Many people believe that you should choose a colour based on how a room is used and the vibe you wish to create. See, colours elicit an emotional reaction. 

Warm colours such red, orange, and yellow give a sense of drama and intensity. On the other hand, cool colours like blues, greens, and clean whites are seen as peaceful and relaxing. To put it in practice, cool colours like ice blue are great for the walls of your bath as they’re soothing in private areas. In contrast, warm colours are a good way to invigorate lively, sociable spaces.


Choose an Appealing Finish

Satin or eggshell finish has always been considered a great finish for walls because it’s scrubbable and hides flaws. Most agree that semi-gloss and high-gloss finishes are better suited to trim, where they can highlight mouldings or the panels of a door.



Before you make a decision, try out different paint colours. Always test the paint colours you’re considering—never disregard this rule. Make sure to figure out exactly how much paint you’ll need so you don’t waste any. You have to get the colour correct the first time when you’re investing gallons of paint and hours into your project. 

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