If you get the sudden urge to paint your walls, you should think twice about doing it yourself. Although it sounds easy on paper, the process can be quite time-consuming, expensive, and hard to do without professional assistance.

It’s not like the home makeover montages that movies claim to be. Even with good tools, DIY painting your walls won’t yield the same results as getting a professional paint job. If you’re still unconvinced, put down your paintbrush and take a look at these reasons why you should not paint your wall by yourself.

1. It Can Be Expensive

If you think DIY painting is better for cutting costs, you’re wrong about that. Getting quality-grade paint on your walls needs quality-grade equipment. Only the best tools and paint can make it look good, and these things cost a lot of money.

If you want the best possible result for your rooms, you’ll have to spend a considerable amount on the products you need to make it yourself. On top of that, you must be ready to pay for possible expenses to correct any mistakes in your paint job.

2. It Is Time-Consuming

You cannot complete your DIY wall-painting project in one day. The process for wall painting involves cleaning the walls, filling holes, sanding them down, putting primer, and so on. By the time you start painting your walls, you have to apply at least two coats to make it long-lasting.

If you have your own daily commitments, like a job or other errands to run, you have to make compromises with your time. All in all, it could take days, or weeks even, before you can have a wall you are satisfied with.

3. It Might Not Look Like What You Expect

One of the biggest uncertainties of a DIY project, especially if you don’t have enough experience with it before, is it might not look like you would expect. Without a professional eye on the matter, you will have to manage plenty of things and make difficult calls.

If you don’t have any prior experience, your walls might not become how you want them to be. An expert could tell you which paint will turn out the exact colour you want. They could also give you an idea as to what finish to get.

It might be a harsh realisation for some, but it’s only the truth. If you want to spruce something up, which requires a degree of permanence, it’s best to let a professional look at it if you want it to turn out polished.

4. There Is Risk Involved

Aside from it not becoming how you visualise it in your head, there are other risks involved when DIY painting. For instance, you could injure yourself while working on your walls. You might take a misstep on the rung of a ladder and fall. You could even hit someone in the eye with the tools you have.

Even if you’re careful, it still helps to have someone who knows what they’re doing to guide you along the process.



Contrary to popular belief, painting walls isn’t as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of time, effort, and expert knowledge to renovate your walls in a well-polished and perfect way. 

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