There’s so much that makes up the attractiveness of the room, but one thing that tends to always catch one’s eyes is the paint. How smooth the laydown of the colour is on the wall can be one of the most satisfying things to look at.

However, that smoothness is often taken for granted. When the colour starts to crack and peel off, it can be one of the most unappealing sights that make the whole place more questionable. Plus, peeling paint has some genuine repercussions for the health and well-being of your family.

Most people blame the peeling paint on a property’s old age, but this activity can begin to occur just a few years or even sooner after application. When it starts to happen, be sure to call on a more reliable painting service that can touch up the walls and ceilings. For now, continue reading if you’re curious about what may have caused the wall and ceiling paint to peel early:


1) Moisture

Most adhesives grip a lot less when there’s water involved, and the same goes for the peeling paint. When paint starts to flake off in areas where it’s too moist for the walls and ceilings, like the bathrooms or the home’s exterior, the place is in dire need of ventilation while the paint is due for a redo.


2) Heat

The opposite side of the temperature spectrum can also cause the paint to peel. Heat can prevent the effectiveness of most adhesives, including the paint themselves. Plus, excessive heat often entails higher chances of humidity and condensation, which just result to even more damp and moist surfaces that prompt paint to peel off of it.


3) Lack of Surface Prep

Surface preparation is paramount to how your paint turns out in the end. Although some services may forgo it, skipping or doing improper surface preparation can be the difference between a good or bad paint job. Be sure to hire a professional that will be able to clean the surface and even things out before application.


4) Bad Paint Products 

Another reason for cracked and peeling paint is the quality of the paint products that have been used. Low-quality paint will definitely end up looking unattractive no matter what occurs, so it’s better to have a professional use some of the best industry-grade paint in your home rather than to go cheap.


5) Uneven Paint Job

When the paint layers aren’t evenly distributed across the surface of the wall, or they aren’t sealed properly, the material can tend to build up in one area and get a little botched up. Once that occurs, peeling is bound to happen. Uneven paint layers could be a lack of inexperience or attention to detail from previous painters.

It’s important to hire the best people for the job who will ensure that the right amount and application of paint coatings are used onto the surface. With the right skills and precision, peeling paint won’t be something you’ll have to worry about in the near future.



Some of these causes for peeling wall and ceiling paint can be prevented, but it can be inevitable for some properties. Be sure to find good professionals to perform the touch-ups that your house needs.

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