Colour plays a significant role in your restaurant’s design. You should select it with much deliberation since it is interconnected with your marketing campaign and branding. When choosing your restaurant’s paint colour, you need to consider how your customer will feel while looking at it. Think about what themes or elements you want to end up with and the atmosphere you want to create.

Your choice of colour can affect how your customers perceive your restaurant. It can also have an impact on their eating experience. You need to consider which one would be best suited for your brand and the ambience you want to create. 

In this article, we will discuss which colours work best for restaurants and which ones should be avoided.


The Ideal Paint Colours for Restaurants

If you want to increase your customers’ appetites, you should go with warm colours, such as oranges, reds, and yellows. If you think about some of the most popular fast-food chains and diners around the world, you will notice that red is a staple in their colour schemes. This is because red creates a luxurious environment that promotes the need to eat.

Keep in mind that not all warm colours are made the same. If you’re planning to use reds, oranges, and yellows for your restaurant, stick with muted earth tones. Avoid those that are too vibrant and bright. Yellow, in particular, can be a bit too much for the eyes. But if you own a fast-food restaurant, you can use bright shades since it sends a subliminal message to customers to move and eat quickly.

Orange and yellow are great if you want to create a cheerful atmosphere. These work well for yogurt shops and any lighthearted establishment. To make your restaurant more inviting, choose warm shades of yellow and orange, like pumpkin.

Another popular colour for food establishments is green. As mentioned earlier, you should stick with muted tones. Shades of green can represent health and nature, making your customers perceive your restaurant as healthier than others. They also indicate sustainability. 

If you choose green, add in some brown and orange for a fresh colour scheme. This theme will work great for sandwich shops and vegan bakeries. However, if you have a meat-based restaurant or bar, you should stay away from this colour.


Avoid These Restaurant Colours

Blue and purple are not ideal when it comes to food establishments. Although the colours themselves are well-received by people, they’re not shades they associate with food. 

This is because not a lot of food is naturally blue or purple. At best, they can be used as unnatural-looking food dyes. You can use blue and purple as accent colours for your restaurant, but not the main palette.


Perfectly Neutral Colours

If you want to use accent colours, you can always go for white, black, grey, brown, or beige. These colours work perfectly well for any type of decor. Black and brown show sophistication, which makes them perfect choices if you own a fine dining restaurant. You can pair white, a colour associated with cleanliness, with a bright accent colour to create a quick-service atmosphere. Brown, beige, and grey are also great for promoting a warm environment that lets the food take centre stage.



Choosing the right colours for your restaurant will help you achieve the atmosphere you want. It could even help influence how your customers perceive your establishment. If you plan to build your own restaurant or would like to remodel your existing one, you should consider coordinating with local painting companies to figure out which colours work best for you.

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