Is your commercial building due for a fresh new coat of paint? While you can paint your home by yourself, commercial painting projects are a different matter best left to professional painters. There are specific painting challenges unique to commercial buildings, and you may find this scope of work overwhelming.

This article will run you through the essentials you need to know before getting your commercial painting project started. Getting these steps done will ensure that your painting project will finish on time and within your budget.


Choose the Right Contractor

With all the painting companies that offer big and small commercial painting services, it is crucial to pick out the good contractors from the bad. You can check for companies that are insured, licensed, and have good records of past work.

You may also want to check if they have worked on projects of a similar size as yours to see if they would be able to handle the task well. Be wary of contractors who are unwilling to show their references from past clients.


Get Help from a Colour Consultant

Business owners often overlook the need for a colour consultant. However, hiring one is essential, especially if you are renting out the space. 

Whether you are painting the exterior or the interiors, a colour consultant can help you ensure that the colours you pick will make the building attractive. They have the expertise to choose the paint colours that will draw your customers and tenants to the building and encourage them to stay there for longer.


Establish Your Budget and Schedule

Setting up your budget before starting your project ensures that you have everything you need for your painting project without breaking the bank. 

Setting up a practical schedule ensures that your project will be finished as efficiently as possible, which minimises the disruption of daily operations in your commercial building.


Complete the Repair Works First

Make sure to finish your repairs and ensure that your building is up-to-code before starting your painting project. Doing so will save you time and money as getting the repairs done later may damage the freshly painted surfaces.


Inform Your Employees, Customers, and Tenants

Make sure your employees, tenants, and customers are aware of the dates and times of your painting project. It helps to brief them on what to expect, whether entryways and exits will be diverted or if an area will be entirely closed for the painting project.

Once the project is done, you can have a re-opening event to bring about some excitement about your building’s new look.


Choosing the Right Paint

The paint you choose can impact the expenses and timeline of your project. Make sure to go for quality paints instead of trying to save up on costs. High-quality paints are more durable and can minimise the risk of paint failure. 

Making use of high-quality paints will also reduce the frequency of maintenance and repair later. Go for fast-drying paint with little to no VOC coating to protect your employees and tenants from harmful paint fumes.


Don’t Forget the Prep Work

Prep work is the key to a successful paint project. Although it can be tedious, it ensures that the paint won’t peel, crack, bubble up, or flake because it is adhering correctly to the surface to be painted.



While you can DIY your residential painting projects, a poorly done commercial painting job can affect your business. Make sure to hire professional contractors to ensure the quality and success of your commercial painting project.

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