Painting any home, regardless of size or scale, is a major undertaking. However, it’s not as consequential as painting a commercial establishment. Each company has its own set of issues and needs, with some enterprises demanding special care and attention. 

Painting a hotel, motel, or restaurant requires additional time and preparation to ensure the project is done correctly and safely. Since hotels, motels, and restaurants rely on repeat business in a competitive sector, making a good first impression is critical. The beauty of the building, both inside and out, is critical for client satisfaction.


How to Refresh Your Business’s Image

A hotel or restaurant’s appearance is essential since customers value furniture, carpets, arrangement, décor, cleanliness, and more. Interior and exterior painting is a must for all hospitality operations.

Since you have to close operations during a paint job, you need to make several preparations beforehand. To avoid considerable losses, keep in mind the employees’ and guests’ schedules and other logistical considerations. 

Before hiring a painting contractor to paint your hotel, motel, or restaurant, consider the following:

1. Select the Appropriate Paint

You need to choose the appropriate paint to avoid peeling and chipped paint, which can dampen the look of your building significantly. Choose an exterior paint finish that is both appealing and long-lasting.

The brilliance of high-gloss colours, may display smudges, grime, and fingerprints. In contrast, interior paint should have a satin or semi-gloss finish. A professional painter will be able to strike the right balance between the two. 

In high-traffic places such as restaurants, cleaning the walls is critical. A satin or semi-gloss paint repels moisture and is simple to clean without becoming too gleaming.

For the interior, choose a paint finish that is washable and simple to maintain. This applies to high-traffic areas such as hotel rooms and corridors. Washable paints allow you to maintain that clean, bright appearance that appeals to guests. 

Preparation is the secret to a successful paint job. Prep the interior and exterior walls before painting, and make sure it is cleaned, fixed, and sealed before painting begins.

2. Reduce Interruption to Visitors and Employees

Many hospitality industry owners put off paint jobs for their establishments because of the impact on customers, guests, and workers. The objective is to keep interference to a minimum while getting some much-needed site improvement. The painters you choose should collaborate with the building owner or management to develop a strategy to keep your business on track. To lessen disruption, painting a hotel or restaurant can be done on weeknights and off-season periods.

3. Hire a Skilled Hotel Painting Contractor

Painting hotels take much greater skill and execution over residential projects, which is why hotel painters are trained in various commercial painting services. They understand that your hotel’s frontage is a brand icon and that the inside of your hotel must mirror your brand appearance. For this reason, you need a business painter that can meet both your goals and your budget. 

Hiring a company with years of experience reduces mistakes and ensures exceptional service. Additionally, a professional painter will be licensed and insured by their company. If someone is injured on the job and you don’t have insurance, you need not worry.

Before painting, make sure you have a contract signed which includes a summary of costs, materials, and price per square foot. A contract protects you from inferior work and assures a competent and timely job.



When it comes to having your hotel or restaurant painted, there are several variables to consider, but your focus needs to be enhancing the look of your business to boost its appearance and profitability. Don’t put it off, despite the potential challenges, because it helps you stay relevant in a highly-competitive industry.

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