Before you hire professional painters, it’s important to know about the usual challenges they face. For starters, they’ll have to check out the surface that needs work and will be able to see how much it will accept the new coat. 

By knowing these factors, you should be able to ask the right questions and manage your expectations.


The Surface is Stained Heavily

Walls can get stained, and over time, become even more resistant to cleaning. Painters find it best to remove the stains on the surface of walls instead of simply painting over them. This ensures an even and clean coat.

If the stains are too stubborn, the crew will likely have to pressure wash them away. That method must be done with care. Older and more brittle walls might be more prone to damage. 


The Wall is Rough

Whether this is simply the real texture of the wall or it has become rough due to wear and tear, painters will have to smooth it out for a better finish. Expect the team to either put on an initial layer of coat purely to even it out or to start sanding down the surface to make it smooth. If you prefer a textured finish, you’ll have to inform the team of this beforehand.  


There is Mould and Mildew

Any mould and mildew cannot be painted over. This will only further degrade the structure and even cause harmful health effects for those exposed to it. If your walls have these growths, the painting team will need to pressure clean the entire surface until they get rid of it.

Weak walls need to be handled with care, so they don’t break apart during the cleaning process. It should also be noted that severe mould growth will require remediation before any paint job can be done.


The Wall is Severely Damaged

Minor dinks in the wall are usually no cause of concern, and a professional team will simply fill it in and smooth it out before painting over it. That said, this will cause some delay in the process, especially if there are a lot of cracks and holes.

If the damage is too extensive or large, the team will most likely recommend that you reach out to builders who can repair the walls. This is just a safety measure to fortify the walls properly before any work can be done on them. 


The Time and Weather Are Bad

Any team you hire will set a schedule, but adverse weather conditions and complications always arise to hinder production time. Expect this already so you don’t get frazzled should the moment come. Even if professional painters are experienced in different situations and spaces, the weather and timing can just be so bad that it’s unavoidable to push back the schedule. 



All of these factors can hinder progress on both interior and exterior painting services. If you’re dealing with the presence of any of these, expect some delays or adjustments on your project. Once they’ve been sorted, though, you should be able to accomplish the paint job you set out to get.

Whether you’re trying to get a fresh coat or you need maintenance painting services, The Brilliant Group has your back. With a qualified staff of experienced painters and decorators, we’ll be sure to restore and recondition any surface. Contact us now to get a crew at your doorstep.