Decorating a small room often requires a delicate approach and a thorough planning process. The narrower the space you have, the easier it is to spot imperfections in design and decor, which means you will need to be attentive to all the little details. 

On the other hand, one great advantage of having a small space is that the painting process is easier and quicker. Your tiny room will also save you a few dollars in maintenance painting costs in the long run.

If you are ready to spruce up your room with a unique paint colour, you have to know the initial steps to take first. For one, make sure you take precise measurements of the area. Other things to think about include light intensity or if your room takes in sufficient natural light. Light plays a massive role in choosing which paint colours can best make your room look bigger and brighter. 

One great way to select the perfect shade is to check which direction your windows face. If your room faces the north, darker colours can still work to make your room look bigger. For south-facing rooms, light colours are ideal, while sunset hues can do wonders for spaces facing the west. 

Generally, colouring your walls white can create an illusion of a bigger room. However, if you are not much of a fan of plain white, there are still many options for you to choose from so you can add personality to your room. 

In this article, you can find the best colours to make your small room instantly look larger. Below are the five unique paint colours that you can choose: 


Light Peach

This light colour goes perfectly in rooms with little to no architectural details. Especially if you want to add elegance to your space, wall paint in light taupe together with white furniture creates a spacious, airy vibe. 


Light Pink

For west-facing rooms, soft shades brushed with a relatively more vibrant palette can brighten even the smallest spaces. Blush pink can undoubtedly work its magic at sunset hour. This hue also complements wood, metals, or velvet types of furniture. 



If your room faces north and lacks access to natural light, you can go for a darker paint colour. Since sunlight will not bounce off the room’s wall anyway, you can choose a fully dark theme. S can give your space a look of intimacy and grandiosity, which works if you prefer that style. 

If you go for this colour, you can paint the ceiling using the same tone to add a richer texture to the interiors. This may be tricky to pull off, though, so consult with professional house painting services nearby to make sure this is the aesthetic you want.


Dark Blue

There may be rooms in your house with little natural light. For spaces like this, deep navy can add an intimate feel, similar to the dynamics of charcoal. By choosing a deep and dark blue, you can add a touch of regal luxury to your interiors. 


Stark White

This very light yellow paint colour adds depth to the plain white shade. If your room has plenty of space for natural light or it faces south, having an almost-white background can reflect the light to create a more expansive look. 

White also complements any interior aesthetic you want to go for, whether bohemian, modern or Scandinavian. 


Final Thoughts 

Having a small space should not limit your creativity. Once you choose the best paint colour for your room, the sky’s the limit. Remember to note how much light your room has access to, so you can determine the best colour for your space. 

If you are still having trouble, you can also consult with local painting companies near you. Brilliant Brush Strokes specialises in reconditioning spaces and creating unique features. If you are searching for high-quality house painting services in Queensland, contact us today!