An incredible paint job for your house’s interior and exterior can make a big difference in its appearance. It can make your walls stand out and look fresh and new at all times. While damage is expected, the maintenance and protection you do make the difference between neat walls and the need for a repaint. 

Here are some of the most common damages to house paint and what you can do to maintain the paint’s fresh appearance:


Fading and Chalking


  • Interior Paint:

If you want your interior house paint to last for years, invest in high-quality paint that prevents the colour from fading. You should also have a professional house painter who knows the importance of paint quality to achieve the perfect coat guaranteed to last for years. 

However, if the walls are coated with poor-quality paint, you can use curtains and UV window tinting instead to deflect the sunlight away from the walls.

  • Exterior Paint:

Since exterior paint is exposed to sunlight and other environmental factors, it’s recommended to have it repainted every five to ten years. The need for a repaint may also depend on the surface material and the environment around your home. 

Once you notice that the exterior paint is beginning to fade, it may be a good idea to do a fresh coat of paint. Repainting consistently over time ensures that the colour lasts for decades and doesn’t fade.


Dirt and Stains


  • Interior Paint:

Spots and stains on your interior paint accumulate on areas that are used often. They are generally easy to clean when spotted immediately, but cleaning them can be challenging for larger and older spots. 

You may use a damp cloth or sponge with warm soapy water to remove spots and stains. Check your kitchen, hallways and bedrooms for stubborn stains that need to be addressed instantly. These areas need to be monitored for regular cleaning since they are often used and accumulate stains quickly.

  • Exterior Paint:

Exterior paint usually builds up layers of dirt and grime, especially if you used a light colour to paint your home. Using pressure water can be an effective way to eliminate dirt, and it also helps eradicate damaging particles like salt and mildew.




  • Interior Paint:

Mould growth is a serious problem that can cause harmful damage to your walls and your entire home. Since mould grows in warm and humid environments, it can be typically found in bathrooms and basements.

Prevent mould growth with a bathroom fan and humidifiers that help remove excess moisture in the air. But when dealing with existing mould, you can easily clean the wall with a cloth and a homemade solution made from one part bleach and four parts water. 

  • Exterior Paint:

Mould and mildew are common damages to aging exterior house paint. Since moisture accumulates inside exterior walls, it becomes the ideal environment for mould and mildew to appear. 

You can prevent that by using a trusted exterior paint brand containing certain chemicals that prevent moisture and mould from accumulating.



An excellent paint job can effectively prevent the surface from weathering even in the harshest conditions. While it never lasts forever, there are specific measures you can take to avoid severe damage to your interior and exterior house paint. However, when damage is already done, a nice coat of fresh paint may alleviate the problem.

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