So, you’re thinking of doing a little DIY painting for a part of your home’s exterior wall and you’re wondering if you should hand-brush it or spray. 

Because paint sprayers are now readily available, too, and even commercial-grade paint sprayers can actually be rented out or purchased, many believe it’s the obvious choice. But did you know that brushing may actually be a great option for you, too?

In this post, The Brilliant Group will discuss both options so you can make an informed decision when you do your exterior house painting:


Using a Brush Vs. Paint Sprayer

When you use a paintbrush to paint the exterior of your home or any surface for that matter, you get to start faster. That’s because you don’t have a lot of tools and materials that you need to bring out and set up every single day. There’s also less masking and covering of clean areas deeded, too. 

Brushing also allows you to pay more attention to what you’re doing so if there’s an area that has to be fixed, you have a better chance of spotting it than you would if you were using a sprayer. In addition to that, brushing can help you conserve paint. Yes, it might not seem so because the paint seems to go thicker when applied with a brush but it’s actually using less. 

Using a sprayer on the other hand would cover more areas faster, but it does require a lot of prepping. You’re going to cover any potential obstruction like wires, pipes, and more. That takes effort and time but once that’s done, it’s going to be faster for you to cover more areas with a sprayer. Don’t underestimate what’s required of you during this prep work because it can easily take the whole day or even a few days to completely prep the area to ensure that you won’t paint any surface that you don’t intend to spray onto. 


How Much Paint Is Needed?

Here’s what you should know: when you spray paint, you’re going to need up to three times more paint than you would if you’re going to brush. It’s because sprayers atomize the paint into the tiniest droplets possible. While most of these droplets will land on the surface many others won’t. This is true for any paint-spraying tool or technique 

One gallon of acrylic-latex for exterior spaces on a clean and primed surface is estimated to cover around 400 square feet when a brush is used. Of course, this is just an estimation and doesn’t account for dripping and other factors that might actually lower the estimate. 

In comparison, that same gallon will cover between 150 and 200 square feet of a wall when a sprayer is used. That of course still changes depending on factors like how strong the wind is on that day or how close or far you’re spraying. 



A faded exterior wall is definitely an eyesore and a fresh coat of paint can certainly make a difference, and whether you prefer spray painting to hand-brush painting or the other way around, know that house painting requires a certain level of expertise if you expect it to look flawless. Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking it’s an easy task only to, later on, end up calling a pro to finish or fix the job! If you have the tiniest doubt that the outcome would be perfect, you should seriously consider hiring a pro. 

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