Now that you’re almost ready to open your commercial establishment, there are a few touches you need to do first to make it welcoming and pleasant. Interior and exterior painting have a significant impact on the building and your business. Therefore, this is something you need to think over carefully. In this post, we’ll discuss some tips to help you find the right painting contractor: 


1. Gather Multiple Estimates

It’s not smart to go for the first contractor you talk to. You are aware of the many contractors out there, and to find the right one, you need to speak with a few. That said, make an effort to gather several estimates. Doing so will help you compare the rates and find one that is suitable for your project. Speak with at least three contractors, then compare and assess each contractor’s skill level. 

2. Look for Someone with Specialty Skills

Painting contractors, to stand out, have a specialisation unique to others. Let’s say your project requires special coating; there is a painting contractor that specialises in that. If your project has special requirements, it only makes sense to find a contractor who can deliver that kind of specialty because not all commercial contractors can do that. The last thing you want is to hire someone who lacks expertise in your requirements. 

3. Review Portfolios

Every reliable painting contractor has project portfolios. Today, you can easily find them online. If there’s none readily available online, you can always request one. Why? Reviewing their project portfolios will give you an idea of their work, and you can use it to identify if it’s something you can work with. 

4. Ask for References and Reviews

The contractor’s portfolio doesn’t tell the entire story of the company. Therefore, dig deeper—ask for references. These references and reviews are usually past clients that will give you valuable insights about the company’s customer service, their adherence to delivery timelines, how they communicate and finally, their ability to stay within the project’s budget. 

5. Confirm License and Insurance

We all know how important licence and insurance are for all operating contractors, but it’s essential to mention this as many people forget about them. Furthermore, there are contractors that don’t have a licence and/or insurance at all but still operate. You don’t want to work with someone like those, so ask for proof of documentation. If the contractor is hesitant to provide proof, then that’s your cue to choose a different one. 



The paint of your commercial property will say a lot about your business and sets the vibe for your employees and clients. That’s why you need to have the right contractor to work with. Remember, painting your business property isn’t all about choosing the right colours; it’s also about having the right people to work with. Use these tips to find a reliable painting contractor that can deliver your desired outcome. Whether it’s a new paint project or a repainting job, the contractor you choose will make a lot of difference. 

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