Every business has to establish their own identity through various design tools and strategies to set themselves apart from the competition. While doing that may seem simple at first, the truth is that not everyone can execute it well enough to be different from other ventures. 

The failure to look new and unique is one that many startup businesses struggle with, much so that their target market often mistake their products and services with those that their competitors offer.

If you happen to be in the same boat as the above examples and you’d like to avoid committing the same mistakes over and over again, be sure to take note of the following tips when it comes to the proper colour selection for your business.

The Demographic or Profile of Your Target Market

Colours have a way of affecting people. Some are designed and chosen to trigger hunger, while some are picked for their ability to incite a feeling of calm and serenity. For this reason, ventures utilise palettes to their fullest potentials, making sure to take advantage of their proportionate effects on people’s moods. 

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that the colour you’d pick will purposely serve your company by raising its sales. Analyse what your venture is all about, take note of the products and services you are planning to sell, and discuss with your creatives what right colour would represent those.

The Structure of the Business

Some architects argue that the structure itself contributes to the overall effect of its colour. In one way or the other, that holds as some facilities are built to accommodate the space and amenities of a commercial establishment. If they do not sync with the colour, your customers may not like the overall aesthetics, making them less motivated to visit your branches in the long run. 

Natural light will also come into play, as some structures limit the amount of sunlight that may enter indoors. When that happens, people will rely on the indoor lights and the colour of the walls to see where they are going within the establishment. This may either serve your customers well or lessen their visibility, well enough for them not to enjoy the things you’d have to offer.

The Consistency of the Design

Your colours should be consistent. You will not be able to establish a brand identity if you keep on changing your business colours. This is critical for startup companies, especially if you want your target market to recognise it from the very beginning. 

Another advantage that this may bring is that it will enable you to save money, as using more colours tends to cost more than using only a few of them in the establishment. It is even more challenging to manage a business that has many shades to work with, as that would only mean your other branches will also need a lot of paint to decorate or design.



These three things may either make or break your business. It will all come down to your business strategy and choice of colours. By consulting with your interior designer and creative team, you will be able to come up with a spectrum that will bring out your brand identity. Choose wisely and watch your business grow from the ground up.

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