Perhaps many homeowners do not know this: the optimal temperature for house painting is between 15 and 35 degrees Celsius, with little or no breeze and 70 to 80 per cent humidity. From this, we can gather that to ensure that the paint lasts and remains in good condition over time in Brisbane, special attention must be paid to the conditions in which the paint is applied, as well as the colour and prep itself.

Painting outdoor walls in colder temperatures may require more drying time, for instance. Hence, it’s important to consider weather predictions and strive to paint when the condition is steady and dry for 48 hours following application. Doing so ensures that the drying period will be ideal, and the paint will be completely set. If the colour is applied in damp circumstances, it will not form properly, resulting in problems such as cracking.

In contrast, hot and humid circumstances will let the paint dry quickly but will not adhere correctly to the surface, resulting in peeling. Painting in direct sunshine may result in faster drying but will leave visible brush strokes and blisters.

UV rays and direct sunlight damage the binder and pigment of paint, resulting in fading and erosion. Waterborne paint binders are resistant to UV radiation and are transparent to them. Solvent-based paints absorb and degrade UV light. 

You’ll want to seek professional advice on the best sort of paint to use to produce a stunning paint job that will last for years in the Brisbane environment, but a little knowledge goes a long way. That said, here’s a quick guide for you:


The Relationship Between Humidity and Paint

Relative humidity conditions are required for water to evaporate from a waterborne paint, mainly since surfactant leaching can occur in high humidity circumstances. This happens when there are discolourations on the surface. Water particles strive to infiltrate the paint surface when the humidity is high. This may be a significant issue with Queenslander homes since wood absorbs moisture quickly and can impair paint adherence to the surface, causing it to bubble and peel. 

Preparation is crucial for addressing these potential difficulties while painting your home. During our quotation, we will advise you on any prep work required to ensure that the paint lasts for years and years and looks excellent in the future.


The Significance of Prep Work

Preparation is essential to ensure the appearance and freshness of an outdoor paint job. Colour matching, surface sanding, sealing of windows and doors during the sanding process are necessary. 

The removal of previous paint coats, examination for chips, dents, and nails, gap filling with polymer filler, and painting with latex primer are also needed. Although extensive, these tasks are crucial to the success of your paint job.


Maintenance Is Key

Regular maintenance painting will help to extend the life of your paintwork and keep it looking excellent. Once a year, make sure to inspect the caulking and repair or replace anything that is broken or missing. Remove accumulated mould or mildew, wash away weather or animal stains, and repair blisters and peels to prevent them from spreading.



As with any fresh coat of paint, quality and appearances diminish through time. This is even more apparent during more complex climate changes in an environment like Brisbane. Now that you’re well-equipped with tips to keep a fresh paint job, you will be saved from worries in the months and years to come!

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