So, you plan to hire local painting contractors in Hyde Park. Have you picked paint colours for both interior and exterior? If not, then this article is for you.

Colour may not be on top of every business owner’s mind when increasing sales, but psychologists and marketing teams demonstrate it as a significant factor in the purchasing process. The way you use colour to present your business, brand, and products can influence your sales.

In this article, we will go over six colours that can pack a punch when it comes to a customer’s interaction with a company. Let’s start with… 

1. Bright, Powerful Red

Red is a dominant colour that quickly gets people’s attention. This widely used marketing colour can raise one’s heart rate and instil a sense of urgency. It helps increase the overall conversion rate by making customers more willing to take huge steps when entering your organisation.

With the colour red, customers will notice your company name or emblem. That explains why many outlet malls and retail stores utilise red to draw customers to their sale items.

2. Calm, Relaxing Blue

Blue is a gentle and relaxed colour. Blue is the hue to use when you want to be seen as an organisation that can be trusted.

Many businesses choose blue as their primary colour. Financial, legal, and other similar professional service-based industries are among the organisations that utilise the colour’s power to inspire a sense of trust.

3. Sweet, Playful Pink

Pink is a vibrant and bold colour that stands out. While it is generalised as a feminine colour, the truth is that pink elicits feelings of excitement and anticipation in people of all genders.

A colour that conveys romance, pink is a wonderful colour for businesses looking to promote personal services like beauty or spa treatments. This hue is also popular among perfume and lingerie stores. 

4. Fresh, Hopeful Green

Green conveys growth and safety. It’s a warm and inviting colour that makes customers feel good while encouraging them to take the plunge and think outside the box. Popular among brands looking to convey health, freshness, and originality, green is used to influence customers’ purchasing behaviour and cause them to consider things they would otherwise dismiss.

5. Warm, Encouraging Orange

Orange is a vibrant, attention-getting colour that makes people happy. It informs customers about good bargains and affordable prices. Customers have the impression that they are dealing with a forward-thinking organisation they can trust, prompting them to respond. For a dynamic appeal to your customers, include orange paint colour in your colour scheme.

6. Sophisticated, Balanced Grey

Grey is a neutral colour. For something so seemingly plain, it can do quite a bit for your brand! A colour that represents modesty and friendliness, muted hues of this color can make customers feel at ease and welcome. 

Haven’t Been Able to Choose a Colour? Consider the Following Factors to Get Started: 

There is no one-size-fits-all colour for attracting customers to your store to purchase an item or sign up for a sales campaign. All you have to do to get started is determine who your target audience is.

Many experts suggest that choosing a mixture of colors to use throughout your business space is most beneficial. So, consider how you portray your brand, the colours you choose for various sales scenarios, and how your marketing appears. As such, changing the colour could have a significant impact on your sales!

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