Since we’ve transitioned into the work-from-home setup due to the global pandemic, people have been investing in their home offices to make them more conducive for work. It is an important move since working from home can easily feel like you’re not working at all or working too much, causing you to lose focus and affecting your productivity.

Building a home office involves making sure it is a place where you are as productive as possible even in the absence of your boss. The easiest way to achieve that is by painting your workspace using colours that help with productivity. Here is a guide to some colour palettes, how they affect our mood, and how they help our stay at home worthwhile:


Green does not work well with everyone. However, it can invoke a sense of nature and renewal. Using a darker shade of green can help us to focus on our tasks for the day. Meanwhile, Mint and Emerald hues add zest to the overall space, making it calming and invigorating. Green hues work best alongside other rustic schemes, such as dark oak and minimalist black hardware. Pulling off a Green tone that suits your needs is not an easy task but worth the effort.


Choosing blue as a colour scheme invokes calmness, comfort, logic, and inspiration. For an added touch, teal can be A statement colour for your walls. The colour is an ideal choice for home offices, especially if your desk’s hardware is white or other light shades. Teal is also a great colour to accentuate an area for that extra pop, as it plays well with white or earth-toned walls.


If your workspace at home is placed in an area with an abundance of light, Purple might be the colour you should be looking for. If used correctly, Purple instantly becomes a colour of sophistication as it promotes creative thinking. You can also utilise the colour in creating a breakout space that’s dedicated to brainstorming and drafting. Other shades of Purple include Mauve, Lavender, Indigo, Violet, and Grape. Swatch the colours and see which works best for your preference.


Yellow has a reputation for being the hue that instantly boosts people’s mood. After all, why not incorporate the colour of the sun to brighten up your workspace? If done tastefully, the person using the room should instantly be able to feel the rush. However, if you’re worried about eye strain, you can opt for paler shades, such as Butter Cookie, Gold, or even Burnside. Yellows go perfectly with Greys, Whites, and other earthy tones. 

Neutral Colours

If you wanna play it safe but still get the most out of your workspace, neutral tones should be perfect. In effect, these colours make it seem like the space you have is bigger than it actually is. It is best to use lighter shades like Grey, Ivory, Cream, White, Nude, Sand, or Taupe for smaller spaces.

Soft Pastels

For people who have bolder choices, soft pastel colours may satisfy their needs. Although the colours are quite unusual, pastel shades are growing popular due to their uniqueness.


Most people are still adjusting to the work-from-home setup. But that doesn’t mean we don’t get to make our home offices feel like natural workspaces. Using colours that invoke various moods can help us adjust to the new normal. If you can’t decide which colour to get, the guide above should help.
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