There are some home improvement projects that you can DIY. Those can be fun, and they can be a good hobby. That said, there are certain projects that you should never attempt – tasks that require the expertise of a professional with years of experience. Some of those projects include the installation of HVAC, adding a room in the house, kitchen remodels, and, yes, painting the house.

You might think that the last one is fairly easy and it’s something you certainly can do. Well, many homeowners have thought so, too, only to find themselves ending up calling professional painters anyway as they either couldn’t finish the project or they don’t like the result they got.

Painting is more complicated than it might look. It’s not as simple as using a brush or a roller to slather on paint on your walls. From the mixing of the colors to ensuring that there are no streaks and bubbles, not to mention the preparation needed before the actual painting is done, it can be an exhausting feat.

Perhaps you’re now convinced that you should just hire a painting contractor. What happens next? Well, read on as The Brilliant Group guides you through it:

How to Find the Right Contractor

Your next step would be finding the best contractor for the project. You want someone from the area who has a solid reputation. One way to find one is to do a quick search online and check the contractor’s website and social media to see what their former clients are saying about them and their work. Of course, you can also just do it the traditional way – ask around! Ask your family, friends, or colleagues who may have recently had their homes repainted or those who just had their homes built.

Once you have three to five on your list, start your inquiries. Make sure you ask if they are licensed and insured. Ask for a portfolio and some references, too.

What You Can Expect from a Painting Contractor

Assuming that they’ll be working on your interior, here are some of the things that the contractor can be expected to do for you:

Prepare the Rooms

If they’re painting multiple rooms, they’ll tackle them one at a time. Your furniture would either be moved to a different room or covered securely to ensure it will be safe from paint drips. Then, the floor, the windows, and any other surface that won’t be painted will be prepped and protected, too. Of course, as the homeowner, it is expected of you to remove your valuables from the room. Do what you can to get the room paint-ready.

Apply Primer

Once the area has been prepared, the painters would then prime the wall using a latex primer. All pro painters know that this is a necessary step to ensure great results, especially if they’re painting over a bright shade of paint.

Paint the Walls and Ceilings

When the primed surfaces are ready, the contractors will apply two coats of the color that you chose for your walls and ceilings.  How long the painting takes depends on the size of the room and the expertise of the painters. Once the big surfaces are done, they’ll move on to the trims and moldings. They’ll check for any spots that might need touch-ups. When they’re sure the work is done, they’re going to start the cleanup, and once the paint is dry, your stuff will be brought back into the room.


The key to a successful painting project really is finding the right contractor. When you nail that, you can trust that everything will go well. So, it’s very important to ask the correct questions when you are doing your inquiries. Don’t just base your decision on the estimates given. Ask about the kind of paint they use, how they prepare for the job, whether or not you should vacate the house, and how long they’ll likely take to finish the project.

Also, when you screen local painting contractors, consider who you feel most comfortable with. After all, you would want to be able to speak up if there’s something you want to be changed or fixed.

When you’re ready to start your painting project, The Brilliant Group is here for you. We offer exterior and interior painting services in Queensland. Contact our team today for estimates!

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