Maintaining your home is a lot of work; aside from making sure that everything is safe and in working order, you’ll need to pay attention to how it looks as well. No one wants to see a home or building that looks run-down and weathered, after all. Think of what your guests and visitors would say!

Exterior painting jobs are among the most important aspects of maintaining your property’s appearance. It’s one of the first things that people see when they view your house or building, and it’s one of the aspects that really leave an impression on how others view your property.

Perhaps you recently hired a contractor to conduct exterior painting services on your property—or maybe you did it yourself. While painting may look rather easy to do, it actually takes a lot of skill and experience to do it right. 

A lot of things can go wrong when you get an unprofessional paint job. Although the result may look decent at first, an unprofessionally done painting job often leads to a number of problems as time passes by. 

With all that said, what are some signs that you’ve encountered an unprofessional exterior paint job and need a better one?

Sign #1: The paint is streaked or blotched 

If your property’s exterior paint isn’t smooth and contains streaks and blotches, it’s a sign of an unprofessional exterior paint job. The contractors might not have prepared the area properly before painting, leading to these unsightly textures. 

Dust and other forms of dirt are among the main culprits on why the paint may appear streaked, blistered, or blotched, so it’s important to hire professionals that clean and prepare the areas before painting. Professional painting companies also typically apply primer to help enhance the appearance and longevity of the paint.

Sign #2: The contractor skipped the second coat of paint

Oftentimes, cheap contractors try to cut corners and apply too few layers of paint. When they skip additional coating, air bubbles may appear on the paint and pop as it dries, leaving holes in the paint. This can also lead to an uneven and unsightly appearance!

Aside from affecting your home’s aesthetics, air holes can also lead the bare walls to become exposed to the elements, which can damage your property over time. It’s best to make sure that your local painting contractors never skimp out on paint and always apply a second coat, or else it could lead to more expensive damages.

Sign #3: The paint is cracking, fading, or peeling prematurely

Paint naturally fades and cracks as time passes, but this typically occurs over years of exposure to the elements. When the paint cracks, fades, or peels after just a few weeks or months after the exterior paint job, then you’ll need a better contractor. 

This typically happens when a painter waters down the paint too much. Although most painters thin down their paint by a small amount, unprofessional painters may attempt to mix in too much water just to save up on paint.

The Bottom Line

Your property’s exterior deserves a lot of care and attention, especially because it’s the first thing that people notice when they come and visit. Proper maintenance requires investment and hiring the right people to do the right jobs. Now that you’re aware of the tell-tale signs of unprofessional paint jobs, you can use this as a guide as you look for the service providers that you need.If you’re in need of commercial and residential painting services in North Queensland, allow The Brilliant Group to help! Our professional painters offer quality painting services for both commercial and residential properties, and we also offer ongoing services for properties that need continued maintenance. Contact us today!

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