Whenever a homeowner thinks about giving their home a makeover, doing an exterior home painting is often one of the first things that come to mind. It may be because getting maintenance painting done, although it may seem simple, can bring such a huge change. Yet, you may be thinking about whether or not painting your home’s exterior is the right move.

If you are not sure about your decision for a house paint job, consider the following reasons that might change your mind:

To Give Your Home a New Look

Many homeowners who get the exterior of their home painted do so because the new shade would instantly change the home’s overall look. It would also make your home’s façade more attractive. Likewise, there are different painting styles and techniques that could be done today that could enhance your home’s aesthetic.

To Raise the Value of Your Home

Did you know that you can improve your home value by merely painting it? Compared to most other home improvement projects, repainting the exterior of your home can easily give you a higher return on investment. On top of that, a newly painted home could attract more potential buyers than one with peeling or faded paint, especially if you plan to sell the property in the future.

To Protect Your Homes from Harmful Elements

Remember that your home is exposed to different weather elements daily. In fact, the extreme heat from the sun, the heavy rains, and strong winds can all damage your house. A layer of paint can serve as extra protection from these harsh elements.

Additionally, high-quality paint can help keep any dampness from getting into your home, which prevents the occurrence of mould and mildew inside your home. It may even help keep termites and other types of bugs at bay!

To Reveal Where Your Home Needs Some Repair Done

When your home is being painted a fresh new layer, it can actually reveal some areas that require repair work. You see, when the paint job is done by a professional, there are several preparation stages before they do the actual painting.

The previous paint layer may have to be stripped. First, the walls will be power washed and sanded. It is during these stages that flaws may be revealed, like some minor cracks, a need for new siding, or areas with mould growth, among others. By doing maintenance painting, problems like these can be detected and remedied before they cause bigger issues.

To Express Your Personality

Of course, it is not only when you want to sell the house that you can get the exterior painting done; you can do it whenever you want. For one, you can do it when you move into your new home, and the current paint colour is not satisfying. Whether you want your home to look modern and minimalist, classic, or bold and fun, the paint colour that you choose will certainly reflect that.

To Improve the Ambience

Keep in mind that the way your home looks can affect the atmosphere and your mental health as well. Coming home to a beautifully painted home can help ease away your stress, while looking at a home with faded and chipped-off paint could make you feel negative. Also, the admiring look of your neighbours will undoubtedly help boost your confidence!


At this point, you now know that there are many benefits of painting your home and getting it done by professional painters. Whatever your reason may be, know that choosing the right pro to do the job matters as well. You want to ensure that you’ll get the results that you want, so don’t try to DIY the task or hire a fly-by-night contractor without a solid reputation!The Brilliant Group has a team of local painting contractors that can provide you with flawless painting services so your home can look as beautiful as you want it to. Contact us today to find out more about our painting services in North Queensland!

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