Giving your home a facelift can be sometimes expensive, but DIY painting can be a practical way to achieve a new look for it. To achieve a professional painting job result, there are several common mistakes you need to avoid. Make sure to pay attention to small yet significant details before and during the painting process.

Choosing the Wrong Colour

A common mistake that can happen even before the painting job is choosing the wrong paint colour. In some cases, you may come to the store and purchase your preferred colour and then get frustrated with the final result because it differs from what you initially picked. This is why it is recommended to select a paint colour based on a colour swatch. Don’t forget to ask the paint store to have a mix of the sample paints and try it at home. It is also recommended to observe the paint in both natural and artificial light.


When doing interior painting on doors, cabinets and other furniture, avoid over-brushing. Not applying too much brushwork will help achieve a smooth and fine finish. Cover the painted area immediately after loading your brush. Then, apply another stroke to level it off. Do not brush the same spot when the pain starts to dry off to prevent ridges and marks.

Painting During Extreme Temperatures 

Doing a paint job during extreme temperatures is not advisable. Do not do an exterior painting during an extremely cold morning or during the heat of the day. 

Painting on a hot surface is not advisable since the paint dries faster before you spread it evenly. The colour can even bubble off or slough sometimes. Ensure that you avoid the direct sun when painting your home.

Not Covering Everything When Spray Painting

Spray cans and paint sprays are also often used during DIY painting. It is important to cover everything with plastic when using these paints. Especially when working outdoors, try not to spray on a windy day. The spray may spread to other properties and areas of the neighbourhood.

Not Preparing the Surfaces

Your walls and ceilings must be prepared before doing a DIY painting. Make sure to remove any peeling or flaking surfaces. Before applying a new coat of paint, you need to scrape any gloss surfaces. This will help ensure to have an evenly painted surface. Get rid of the mistake of applying paint on unprepared surfaces since it will result in a poor quality paint job. 

Using the Wrong Finish

Do not choose the wrong paint gloss or sheen because it will not result in professional work. Avoid using a high sheen when painting uneven surfaces. If you prefer to use semi-gloss or gloss sheen, make sure to prepare the surface first. Also, label the cans if you are using various sheens of the same colour. This will ensure an easier DIY painting job and prevent mistakes until the paint dries.

Not Cleaning the Brushes after Painting

Yes, you may be too tired after doing a DIY painting project, but it’s not a good idea to leave the brushes and clean them later. Make sure to wash the brushes immediately with dish detergent and water. Store them in their original packaging to keep them in shape after washing. It is essential to protect your tools and painting materials to maintain their quality.


DIY house painters can’t avoid painting mistakes sometimes. Although there are tips on avoiding such mistakes, it is still advisable to contact professional painters to do the job. When you hire a professional painting company, you don’t have to go through the hassle of DIY painting. Most importantly, you will be assured of quality services and that your home will get the look and vibe you’ve been dreaming of. 

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