Homeowners need to remember that managing a house entails taking care of the entire property—and that includes the exterior! 

Wall paint, in particular, can last for over ten years, but only given that you take the time to maintain it properly. However, due to various weather conditions and other matters that tend to affect your home’s paint, you may need to initiate a paint job even before it reaches the end of its expected life cycle. 

You may be thinking of handling the repainting duties yourself to save money. However, if you don’t have any experience painting a home, you might end up dealing with more expenses when you don’t do it right! As such, the best thing to do is to hire some reliable home painters to take care of the job. 

To ensure you get the right people for the job, here are some tips you can follow:

Consider Getting Referrals

If it’s your first time calling for house painting services, and you don’t know anyone in the industry, you may want to acquire referrals from people you trust. You could reach out to your family, friends, or real estate agent for recommendations if they have reliable connections.

Once you create a list of local painters that your peers have worked with in the past, you can contact them one by one and ask for prices. Avoid making decisions based on affordability alone because you have other things to think about, such as their services, quality of work, equipment, and techniques. 

Ask About Their Previous Work

Once you have potential local painting contractors you want to hire, you can move on to finding out about their past projects and what their previous clients say about them. You can ask the, for the contact details of their old customers and reach out to them to hear their thoughts.

Besides that, acquiring a painting company’s portfolio is also helpful because you can get a closer look at how they work! Seeing pictures of the houses they handled in the past gives you a concrete idea of their skills too.

Read Customer Reviews

Similar to asking feedback from a residential painter’s previously satisfied customers, depending on online reviews can also help narrow down your choices. The comments that previous clients make can help you discover if the quality of work of a company will be good for your project.

Most reviews that people leave online come with pictures and videos to help other users visualise what they’re describing. You should take the time browsing websites and social media platforms for the reviews you’re looking for to help you decide better.

Check Their License and Insurance

The contractor you hire can prove they’re professional if they have a license to show for it and are backed up by insurance. 

Depending on how major the home remodelling project is, most homes and commercial buildings will require the right kind of license. Insurance is another big deal because it protects the workers you hire and prevents you from facing complications during the entire agreement. Even though you have your own insurance to protect you, painters should also have their own, which is necessary if an accident occurs!


Before you initiate your home repainting project, you should learn to hire the right people to work on it with you. When seeking companies offering painting services, you should consider referrals, find out about their previous works, read their reviews, and check their license and insurance accordingly. That way, you won’t be dealing with any unwanted incidents before, during, and after the home repainting project.

If you’re looking for professional painters near you, The Brilliant Group can help you out! We strive to deliver residential and commercial painting solutions to all our clients in need. Get in touch with us today to receive a quote!

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