The famous saying “First impressions last” rings true, especially in the world of real estate. If you want to enhance your curb appeal, nothing transforms your home quicker than a fresh coat of paint. It can instantly give you your desired look and create the ideal atmosphere. As such, you must choose the right paint colour. Use this article as your guide to decide on the best one for your home.

What Are the Types of Exterior House Paint I Can Choose From?


Gloss and high-gloss paints are some of the best options for your exterior. They can easily be cleaned and resist scratches, making them ideal for applying in areas that are in constant use, like door jambs, doors, and window casings. You can also use them for trim work and shutters to have a good construct to the siding. Just keep in mind that these finishes are extremely reflective. Using them in your old or scratched doors or walls is not advisable because they can easily show imperfections.

Solvent-based (oil or alkyd)

Consider using a solvent-based one, like oil or alkyd, if you are looking for an exterior paint that stands up well to the elements. It also works well for metal railings and exterior doors since it has a durable, strong finish and dries to a smooth, hard surface. It usually takes 24 hours to cure, so make sure to give it time to dry thoroughly to ensure desirable results.

Water-based (latex)

Using latex paint is convenient because it dries quickly and cleans up more easily than oil-based paint. You also don’t have to seek exterior painting services for constant touch-ups because latex contracts in cooler temperatures and expands in warmer temperatures. It can also be applied over oil-based paint as long as you prepare the surface properly.

What Characteristics Should I Be Looking for in Exterior Paint?

Chalking and blister resistance

An excellent exterior paint resists blistering and chalking. It means it keeps excessive moisture from affecting the paint layer and prevents white chalky powder from forming on the surface. 

You can make sure that your paint is chalk-resistant by going for paint with a high content of quality resins. On the other hand, you can prevent an unwanted blistering problem by ensuring that the surface you will paint on is completely dry. 

Colour retention

Colour retention is the ability of the exterior paint to maintain its original colour even during exposure. It is only applicable to tinted paint.

Hiding power

When buying exterior paint, you should consider its hiding power or its ability to cover the surface completely. It should have a powerful pigment that can hide old paint jobs and imperfections.


Whether you are reselling your home and trying to attract homebuyers or merely wanting to beautify your house, you can have an easier time enhancing your curb appeal by painting your property’s exterior. Remember the information in this guide to decide on the right exterior paint for your home and consider seeking house painting services for a successful painting project.

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